Mellitah Seeks Provider of Takaful Insurance

The Mellitah Oil & Gas Company (Gas division) intends to issue the tender below and wishes to invite for pre-qualification interested, experienced and reputable companies specialized in providing similar services for inclusion in the bidders list:

TENDER NO. (ITT/005/ER/15)

Provision of Takaful Medical InsuranceServices to Mellitah Oil & Gas Employees & Dependants.


The aim of this tender is to provide Takaful Medical Insurance to all Mellitah Oil & Gas Employees and Dependants in compliance with  government regulations

And  General Authority of Libya .

Interested companies for the above tender must satisfy and  submit the required information below:

1-The bidders must provide  valid  registration documents  in Libya (description of applicants of discipline / core business activities , legal status (partner ship , company ) and date of establishments) and any other documents if there is .

2-Experience of similar contracts and references (Takaful Medical Insurance) in Libya and worldwide and they shall submit a List of their clients and service details..

3-The bidder shall have advance knowledge of local and international regulations to provide the Takaful Medical Insurance.

4-Financial situation report for the company for the last three years.

5-Any additional documents can enhance the potential of the applicant /consortium.

The prequalification documents shall be submitted not later than 22/08/2015

Two Hard copies & one soft copy of the above stated requirements shall be submitted in sealed envelopes and marked

TENDER NO. (ITT/005/ER/15)

Provision of Takaful Medical InsuranceServices to Mellitah Oil & Gas Employees & Dependants.


Addressed to the " Contracts Department Manager "  to the following address:

Mellitah Oil & Gas Company GAS Division

Dat El-Imad Complex, Tower 5- First Floor, P.O. Box 91651,



OR the following email address:-

[email protected]

Important Notes:

  1. The pre‑qualification request is not an invitation to tender. Company is neither committed nor obligated to undertake the work described above or to issue any call for tender or to include any respondent to this invitation or other company on any Bidders List or to award any form of contract.
  2. The Invitation to Tender (ITT) and full ITT Package will only be issued to qualified companies that have been pre-qualified.
  3. Company will not be responsible for whatsoever costs incurred for preparation and submission presented in response to this notice.
  4. Company shall deal only with authorized officers of the bidding companies and not through individuals or agents.
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