Akakus Tenders for Health Insurance Pre-Qual

Akakus Oil Operations (formerly Repsol Oil Operations) has declared for tender pre-qualification of Commercial Health Insurance and Islamic Jointly [Mutual] (Takaful) Insurance for its employees and their family members including parents, totaling 7778 members.

The Local, Joint And Global Companies specialized and competent in this field, and have the technical and financial resources for the implementation of this tender and interested in pre-qualifying participation, shall submit the following requirements:

  • Company’s file (consists of:  Request of Participation – Memorandum of Association and the Registered Capital – Articles of Association recently extracted from Trade Register – Valid Activity Practicing License – Proof of Registration in Chamber of Commerce – New Certificate of Tax Payment – Certificate of Registration in the Official Authorities of Libyan State ( for foreign companies)).
  • The financial status for the past three years (2012/2013/2014) certified by an independent auditor.
  • Certificate of Expertise in Health Insurance Field for the last six “6” years, including Certificates of Good Performance issued by five (5) companies or public authorities whose health insurance was covered during that period.
  • Statement of the main address of the company, its branches, phone numbers, E-mail address, fax number, company’s website and social networking sites.
  • The abovementioned documents shall be submitted in a wax-sealed envelope, addressed to the Committee of Qualification and Assessment of Health Insurance, at the main offices of Akakus Oil Operations (Attahadi St. off Airport Road – PO Box 91987 – Tripoli, Libya) as of the date of this announcement (05/08/2015) for a period of ten actual working days expiring on the date (18 /08/2015).
  • Documents submitted to the committee after 14.00 hr. of the closing date (18/08/2015) shall not be considered.


  • This announcement to qualify only, and not for tendering.
  • Companies that met the pre-qualification conditions, which will be determined by the Akakus Oil Operations, shall only be included within the list of the qualifying companies approved for tendering.
  • Akakus Oil Operations is entitled to reject, at its sole discretion and indisputably, any company that has not met the above-mentioned conditions. Such decision is deemed final and Incontestable.
  • Akakus Oil Operations shall not be required, due to this pre-qualification announcement, for any obligation or undertaking to issue any tender or binding itself by any contract.
  • Documents submission should take place from 12pm. – 14pm. daily throughout the specified period as it stated in the announcement.

For any inquiries please contact the following phone number:

Operator : +218 21 2203520








Ext. (7014 / 7433/ 7073 / 7080)

Email: [email protected]

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