Tender: NOC Health Insurance

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) is considering the possibility of implementing a self-health insurance system to provide medical care for its employees and their families.

This will be performed through cooperating and contracting with a medical care services company entitled to provide all aspects of medical care activities, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of Libya.

All specialized companies, having the necessary licenses required for practicing the activities of medical care management, are kindly requested to submit a complete package for the purposes of pre-qualification.

The required documents are as follows:

  1. The company’s Articles of Association, a copy of the commercial registration, the certificate of registration at the Chamber of Commerce, License of entitlement to practice medical activities, a recent certificate of tax payments, and the company’s organization chart, all previous documents must be valid.
  2. The main address of the company and its branches inside Libya and abroad, if any.
  3. The professional experience and the relevant technical qualifications. Supporting documents must be provided, as well as an evidence of the capability to provide such services.
  4. An explanation on the policies adopted by your company in order to provide its services.
  5. The net of hospitals and clinics you deal with, inside Libya and abroad.
  6. The international  health insurers you deal with, if any.
  7. The method by which your company receives its commissions, if any.
  8. How are health cards being issued for the insured, and the possibility of using NOC’s cards.
  9. The mechanism of payments for  medical fees, financial dues and clinics/hospitals invoices.
  10. The possibility of training some employees from NOC on the procedures related to the medical care management among the staff that will undertake the management of providing the services to NOC.

All the above documents to be delivered to Head of the Self-Health Insurance Committee at the headquarters of the National Oil Corporation in Tripoli (the old premises), floor 2, office 240, ext. 1517, and office 237, ext. 1237. The deadline for submitting documents is Monday 31st August 2015 at 12:00.

For any queries please contact:

  1. Mr. Abueleid Ahmad Salem, Head of the Self-Health Insurance Committee, email: [email protected], fax: +218 21 333 4218
  2. Mr. Wael Ali G. Elmabrouk, Member of the Committee, email: [email protected], phone no. +218 21 334 6215

(Source: NOC)

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