UK Airstrikes on Libya Possible

British Prime Minister David Cameron (pictured) has opened the door to air strikes in Libya.

Responding to a question about the case for strikes on the Islamic State group (IS, ISIS, ISIL) in Libya, where the gunman who killed British tourists in Tunisia was trained, he said:

"On the issue of fighting terrorism, Islamist extremist terrorism wherever it is - whether it's in Iraq or in Syria or in Libya or elsewhere - as Prime Minister, if I believe there is a specific threat to British people, if you're asking the question, would I be prepared to authorise action to neutralise that threat? Yes, I would, of course.

"That is my job, my duty as Prime Minister if there is a specific threat and you can act to stop it, you should act to stop it wherever it is and you are allowed under international law to do exactly that. I think that is very important."

(Source: Telegraph)

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