Brega Extends Tender for Firefighting Foam

The Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) has announced a further extension of a General Announcement for Firefighting Foam Manufacturers Companies to Import foam (FP-70).

Required Documents

A- Legal Documents:-

  1. Company Registration Certificates at Company Homeland.
  2. Company Official address including phones, Faxes, E-mail and Web Sites.
  3. Company presentation letter.

B-Commercial Documents :-

  • Full detailed report including company commercial activities during last three years for produced foam quality and specification, production capacity and list of company clients.


  • All the above documents to be submitted in a closed separated envelop written on it (company documents) headed to Brega higher Procurement Committee Office at Tripoli Airport Road, behind Tripoli terminal - Building of Financial.
  • The Committee will exclude any company will not provide any documents required.
  • All communication must be with an authorized person.
  • nvitation letter, General terms, conditions, and specifications are available in NOC and Brega Petroleum Marketing Company web sites.

**(Files &offers submission closing date will be Thursday     23/07/2015 )**

For further information please contact

Higher Procurement Committee Office

Direct line +218 21 363 2342

Or Through Operator:  2203501-5 & 0214803010/14

Ext :14404-5-6

(Source: NOC)

(Firefighting foam image via Shutterstock)

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