The Islamic State's Libya Expansion

By Hiba Daoudi for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Libya Business News.

Abdul Hafiz Ghoga, a member of the Libyan political dialogue and deputy chairman of the former National Transitional Council, said that the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL) expansion in Libya will push toward achieving consensus and dialogue and toward the formation of a national unity government.

He also added in an interview with El-Khabar that “foreign regional countries are supporting terrorist organizations, seeking to exploit Libya’s resources.”

El-Khabar:  Is it possible that the IS expansion in Libya would undermine dialogue paths and affect the rounds of talks taking place in Algeria?

Ghoga:  I do not believe so. On the contrary, IS’ expansion will push toward achieving consensus and dialogue and toward the formation of a national unity government, as the group is now threatening all parties.

I believe that IS and the rest of the terrorist groups benefited from the division on the political landscape between the East and West, and took advantage of the crisis to expand. They took over many strategic cities in Libya, which is why the dialogue has become more urgent than any time before.

The third and last round of talks is taking place now in Algeria. The agreement has reached its final stages. Participants are left with determining how to implement what has been provided for in the draft, regarding the national unity government, disarmament and dismantling of militias. This necessitates power and international guarantees.

El-Khabar:  Will there be a force to provide protection for the said government, enabling it to perform its job?

Ghoga:  We do not wish for this national unity government to be like its predecessors. We want it to be able to implement its program, especially in the field of security arrangements.

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