Govt Approves New A&E Hospital in Benghazi

Libya Herald reports that Libya's internationally-recognised government has agreed to a request from Benghazi Municipal Council for a new Accident and Emergency hospital in the city.

The new facility would also have a burns unit and a trauma centre.

Currently there are only two hospitals operating in Benghazi: the Jalaa Hospital and Benghazi Medical Centre.

Hawari Hospital, Jumhuriya Hospital, the 7 October Hospital (also known as 23 July Hospital) and several private clinics have closed, and large numbers of medical staff, particularly Filipino and Indian nurses, have left the country.

It is unclear how the construction of any new hospital could be funded. A proposal two years ago to allow a foreign hospita was fiercely opposed by local doctors and came to nothing.

(Source: Libya Herald)

(Hospital image via Shutterstock)

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