Airstrike Sets Oil Tanker Ablaze

Bloomberg reports that warplanes deployed by the internationally recognized government in Tobruk have bombed an oil tanker in Sirte on Sunday.

The Libya-flagged Anwaar Afriqya was anchored at a terminal controlled by forces loyal to the rival government in Tripoli.

Bloomberg lists the owners as Libyan Product Carrier Ltd, while Vesselfinder says the ship is owned by Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC). On  it's website, Libya's state-owned General National Maritime Transport Company (GNMTC) lists the vessel as part of its fleet.

The regional coastguard commander told Bloomberg that one person had been killed and the ship was set on fire.

According to reports, the vessel was attempting to offload a cargo of 30,000 liters of light fuel from Greece for a power station.

(Sources: Bloomberg, Vesselfinder)

(Military image via Shutterstock)

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