Libyan Soldiers Jailed for Sex Crimes in UK

Five Libyan soldiers have been jailed for sex crimes they committed while stationed in the UK.

Moktar Ali Saad Mahmoud (33) and Ibrahim Abugtila (23) were jailed for 12 years for raping a man in Cambridge, in what police described as "a truly horrendous crime."

Ibrahim El Maarfi (21), Mohammed Abdalsalam (27), and Khaled El Azibi (19) have also been jailed for between 1o and 12 months for sexually attacking four women on the same night in Cambridge.

They will be deported back to Libya on completion of their sentences.

Over 300 armed forces personnel arrived from Libya in June 2014 for six months of training in infantry and leadership skills, part of a UK government offer to train up to 2,000 cadets to help stabilise war-torn Libya. These events caused them to be send home early, and ended the training scheme.

(Source: The Independent, Daily Mail)

(Crime image via Shutterstock)

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