AGOCO Pumping 260,000 bpd

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) was producing at a rate of 230,000 to 260,000 bpd on Sunday, according to a report from Reuters.

A company spokesman told the news agency that production was down by about 35,000 bpd due to the closure of the Nafoura oilfield, which was caused by a protest.

The company's port of Hariga is expecting three tankers to lift oil this week, while another tanker was docked to deliver petrol for the local market. Two more tankers bringing fuel were waiting outside the port.

Meanwhile, the western El Feel [El Fil, Elephant] oilfield, operated by the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and Italy's ENI, was still closed by a security guards' strike.

(Source: Reuters)

(Oil image via Shutterstock)

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