Training for Independent Journalism in Libya

Rory Peck Trust and the Libyan Institute for Advanced Studies are seeking applications from Libyan freelance journalists looking to develop and sustain their careers in the news industry and strengthen their safety awareness skills.

Successful applicants will receive training on various subjects, including how to pitch stories and develop strong relationships with editors, how to market themselves as journalists, negotiate commissions, gain the skills that will help them to stay safe in risky environments, and learn how to report ethically in a polarised environment.

In addition, participants will receive one to one mentoring after the workshop, which will provide them with on-going professional advice and practical support.

This project, funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund, aims to create a sustainable professional network of freelance journalists working safely to produce independent, ethical and unbiased reporting in Libya.

Applications are now open to all Libyan journalists who hold Libyan citizenship, are working as freelancers, and are available to travel in May and can commit to attending a 6 day workshop.

Deadline for all applications is the 25th of April.

(Source: Rory Peck Trust)

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