Talks Resume "if Possible" Next Week

Excerpts: Bernardino Leon’s Press Conference at Conclusion of Libyan Political Dialogue Round, 26 March 2015:

“We believe that this week we have made very important progress in our talks. So far, the agreement of the participants was on two points – that there is no military solution for Libya, and that we should agree on national unity government and security arrangements to begin with, and then tackle other issues. Today, we have an agreement on the scope of issues, the scope of institutions, aspects we are going to deal with in the coming weeks, and I believe this is a very important step in the right direction.”


“This week we have gone well beyond what we expected, because we have reduced the scope of issues we are discussing. We have published these general ideas and they have been accepted as the basis of discussion in the coming weeks. So, I think all participants and all Libyans feel now very encouraged that we are really getting very close to the agreement.”


“The parties have welcomed the proposals, the ideas published by UNSMIL, as a basis for future discussion, and have equally welcomed the documents that were distributed yesterday as a basis for the future agreement.”


“It does not mean they agree with everything in these documents. Of course, we still have a long way. We still have to work together. We still have to work hard, but I believe that we have - and really this has been shared by all the participants - that we have gone beyond the point of no return. They are all now convinced that there will be a national agreement in Libya, there is a political solution in Libya.”

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