NOC Asserts its Independence of Rival Factions

In response to the current events, the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) in Tripoli has issued the following statement:

"The NOC Board of directors confirms that the NOC’s position is neutral and receives No directives from either the Tripoli or Baida based Governments and operates in complete independence from both sets of authorities.

"The NOC Board of Directors has been exercising its duties and responsibilities prior to the current political conflict facing the country, and the NOC shall continue to work from its legally registered headquarters in Tripoli, Libya.

"The primary objectives of the NOC is to focus its efforts on managing the existing production capacity maximizing export revenues and ensuring fuel deliveries to the entire local Libya market and to All Libyan people .

"The Board would like to emphasis that all revenue proceeds are directly deposited into a Central Bank of Libya designated account in accordance with its legal obligations.

"The NOC must remain an independent institution that operates outside political disputes in order to remain an equal resource for all Libyans.

"The NOC is an independent institution and a pillar of Libya’s sovereignty, which has successfully practiced its responsibilities since its incorporation establishing a respectable reputation in the Oil & Gas community.

"The NOC is historically known for its commitment to upholding its valued relationship with all international oil companies and we call on all stakeholders to collectively stand together in a shared commitment to ensure the NOC continues to work in Libya’s interests.

"At this critical time, we reiterate our call on the important role of the local and international media to ensure the accurate and responsible reporting regarding matters concerning the NOC and help by ensuring this announcement is distributed across the various media outlets in a neutral manner."

(Source: NOC)

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