Libyan Women Express Support for Dialogue

Libyan Women in Conflict Resolution, Mediation Skills Learning Event, Express Support for Dialogue

The United Nations with the Swedish Institute in Alexandria facilitated a learning event on Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills for Libyan women.

The event brought together women activists representing different geographical areas in Libya, in which they learnt from international experiences’ best practices on women’s participation in political dialogue, conflict resolution, negotiation and peace building.

Building on the momentum of the Libyan political dialogue, the two women participating in the talks, Ms. Naimeh Jibril and Ms. Nehad Meittig, were invited to the event to brief the participants on the progress made in the discussions in Skhirat, Morocco on 05 – 07 March 2015 and to respond to their questions.

The event provided exchange of experiences among the participants, and created a platform for solidarity, which resulted in a statement conveying women’s demands in the ongoing political dialogue as well as an advocacy plan to implement their demands.

Statement of Libyan Women Participating in the Training

We, a group of Libyan women participating in the training on conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation skills in Amman-Jordan that took place on 8-12 March 2015, avail ourselves of this opportunity to affirm support to the Libyan national dialogue tracks that represent the ideal solution for the Libyan crisis.

Believing in the effective role that women play in establishing social peace and building peace, and based on the principle of citizenship and participation in the building of a new Libya, as well as based on our commitment to Security Council Resolution 1325 and related resolutions, we demand the following:

First: Formation of the Consensual National Government

  • Women representation in government and decision-making structures shall be no less than 45 percent.
  • Women shall assume sovereign ministries while taking into account their competency and their fulfilment of the required standards.
  • Create a unit to support women within the organizational structure of the cabinet presidency.
  • Women participation in advisory committees as well as dialogue, transitional justice and social peace building committees shall be no less than 45 Percent.

Second: Security Arrangements

  • Integrate, train and activate the role of women across all areas of the army and police, especially judicial police and customs.
  • Activate Ministerial Decision No. 119 of 2014 on Addressing the Situations of Victims of Sexual Violence
  • Ensure participation of relevant and experienced women in all executive measures related to the security arrangements plan, provided that representation is no less than 45 Percent.

(Source: UNSMIL)

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