Malta Chamber launches North Africa Business Council

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has launched the North Africa Business Council with the aim to promote business between Malta and North African countries and, in the process, create business opportunities for the Maltese business community.

Malta Chamber Vice President Mr Frank V. Farrugia (pictured) said that in the past five years a number of Business Councils were set up by the Malta Chamber, as they were effective tools to sustain local entrepreneurs in their internationalisation efforts. “The experience gained so far has proven that Business Councils are a very efficient way to help firms venture abroad” he said.

Focusing on the specific subject matter of North Africa, Mr Farrugia said that for several decades, Malta had been seeking to position itself as a hub for doing business with said countries, and has successfully achieved this goal, especially in Libya.

Mr Farrugia said that Malta offers a unique platform for European countries to trade with North African counterparts. In order to succeed in this regard, members need to be encouraged to join forces to build national business champions that can interface better with partner companies.

Aviation and maritime links between Malta and North Africa also need to be strengthened, with a view to make it more feasible for Malta to establish itself as a worthy landing zone for European companies, both large and small, to serve North Africa and in so doing benefitting from other advantages that Malta and the Maltese business community have to offer.

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