Message from UN on the International Women’s Day

Message of SRSG for Libya Bernardino Leon (pictured) on the International Women’s Day, 08 March 2015

Last year, UNSMIL celebrated the International Women’s Day with Libyan women in Tripoli.

The women came together, developed their theme of the day, and shared their hopes and aspirations. Libyan women demanded for their rights to be integrated in the constitution, and the realization of their full potential as equal partners in the democratic transition of Libya.

That was a continuation of their remarkable role in the 17th of February revolution. Since then, Libyan women have actively engaged in the political and public domains. They are represented in the different elected institutions. Despite this, there is a long way to go before Libyan women fully realize their aspirations and ambitions.

Since last year’s International Women’s Day, armed conflict and the growing terrorists’ attacks have affected women in different ways. Assassination of women activists, internal and external displacement, are some of the results of the lack of security in the country. Libyan women, however, have actively continued their struggle.

Libyan women have been active peacemakers. In January 2015, a group of women activists made a statement urging the warring parties to engage in the dialogue and implement a cease-fire. They made their voice heard, and contributed to the continuous demands for peaceful resolution of the conflict in Libya. Libyan women have led processes in which their aspirations and demands in the constitution have been clearly articulated.

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