Govt Clamps Down on Illegal Double-Jobbing

The Tripoli-based government of Omar Al-Hassi is to stop the salaries of more than seventy-thousand education sector workers in March, in an attempt to root out corruption.

Libya Herald reports that Deputy Minister of Education and head of the Budget Committee, Khalid Rizig, said the salaries of 52,000 education sector employees will be stopped for failing to provide a valid National ID Number, while the salaries of another 20,000 will be frozen as a result of the duplication of their National ID Numbers.

Libyans are not permitted to hold more than one state-sector job. The government has been attempting to use the National ID Number system to weed out those who have illegally registered for more than one job in order to fraudulently obtain more than one salary.

(Source: Libya Herald)

(Ghost Worker image via Shutterstock)

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