HoR to Exclude Turkish Firms from Contracts

The government of Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni [Al-Thani, al-Thanay] (pictured) has said it will end all contracts with Turkish companies.

According to a report from Reuters, no reasons was given for the decision, but Libya's internationally recognized government has accused Turkey of supporting the rival administration in Tripoli.

Turkey is one of a handful of countries which has publicly received officials from the Tripoli government and parliament, but Ankara has denied siding with the Tripoli government.

Turkish companies’ ongoing projects worth around $15 billion were halted in 2011. Some of the companies’ construction sites were raided and the workers fled back to Turkey. Several Turkish companies have applied to international courts to compensate their losses, according to Hurriyet Daily News.

(Source: Reuters, Hurriyet Daily News)

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