Video: Dialogue for Peace in Libya

After four month of intense work and following extensive consultations with the main Libyan stakeholders, the head of UNSMIL, Bernardino Leon, along with his team, managed to bring together the Libyans sides to the conflict around the table in a political dialogue aimed at ending the fighting in Libya and finding a peaceful solution to the crisis.

"In order to have a successful dialogue we should have a very inclusive, a very wide work, bringing around the table, not only the political actors but also influential actors socially like the tribal leaders and of course the militias," Leon said after the convening of the first round of the dialogue which involved political actors of the Libyan scene.

In a positive spirit and constructive debate, the participants discussed forming a national unity government and confidence building measures to alleviate the suffering of the population.

"We are tackling very challenging issue. It will take some time," Leon concluded.

In a 5-minute video, UNSMIL presents the phases of the political dialogue that includes interviews with some of the participants expressing their views about the importance of this dialogue.

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