Meeting Between NOC and Repsol

On Tuesday January, 20 2015 a meeting was held between NOC chairman Mr. Mustafa Sanallah and the Executive Manager of Repsol For Africa, Europe and Asia Mr. Ferdnando Regaro.

Also attending the Meeting were Mr. Abul Qasem Shinger and Alemari Mohamed, members of the management committee, a number of general managers and managers of NOC, Mr. Abdulmajed Ashih chairman of Akakus Oil Operation, and Mr. Khosi Louis, General Manager of Repsol Libya Branch and his deputy Mr. Almahde Smama.

The meeting addressed issues of mutual cooperation and the activities of both Repsol and Akakus in Libya, in addition to the contribution of both the NOC and Repsol to production development.

(Source: NOC)

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