GNC Hires Canada-based Lobbyist

Montreal-based consultancy firm Dickens & Madson has filed a disclosure with the US Department of Justice listing a company “supervised by Libya’s GNC government in Tripoli” as a client.

The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) documents state that the construction company Anayurt has paid D&M $2 million to lobby the US and other governments:

“[Dickens & Madson] will attempt to influence US policy toward governance in Libya including support for a Libyan government growing out of the GNC in Libya.”

​“[Dickens & Madson] will specifically attempt to address with policy makers the way forward in Libya in light of the Libya Supreme Court ruling that the House of Representatives sitting in Tobruk is unconstitutional.”

Dickens & Madson is owned by Iranian-born Ari Ben Menashe, a former member of Israeli military intelligence.

Menashe told Middle East Eye:

Our clients are a group of people [Libyans] who want to bring everybody [from the GNC and HoR] together and start a new legislative body ... Some [of the clients] are people who were in the GNC and some are still in the GNC.”

“We’re bringing together people from all sides and stripes. Dialogue is taking place inside and outside Libya – we are trying to push it as quickly as we can. We have connections with quite a number of groups in Libya.”

(Source: Middle East Eye, FARA)

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