Libya Owes UK £14m for Training Fiasco

The Libyan government still owes Britain more than £14 million for the recent aborted military training programme.

The training was cancelled when Libyan recruits were sent home following accusations of sex attacks.

According to a report from The Telegraph, Libya has paid less than a sixth of its bill for the training.

Mark Francois (pictured), UK minister for the Armed Forces, said the training had cost the Ministry of Defence £17.2 million, adding:

“The Libyan government has agreed to reimburse the Ministry of Defence for these costs. They have already paid £2.5 million, and we will continue to negotiate with them over paying the balance.”

A total of 328 Libyans began the training and around 100 left during the course of their training by agreement with the Libyan authorities. The rest were sent home after the attacks.

(Source: Telegraph)

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