Protecting Women Against Violence in Conflict Zones

The Women’s Empowerment Section (WES) of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) organized a five-day pilot workshop on Women and Security–Protecting Women’s Security Against Violence in Conflict Zones.

The 17-21 November 2014 workshop in Zarzis, Tunisia, brought together 17 participants who were provided with opportunities for skills development in the area of protection of women and children in conflict zones. UNSMIL’s Police Advisory Section also participated in this workshop.

Mr. Zaha Majali, the lead workshop trainer and facilitator, said the workshop covered topics on violence against women in conflict zones “while addressing different means of protection and examining the role of police and social workers within the police division in handling such cases.”

Participants were trained on good practices and investigation skills, proper reporting mechanisms and establishing a sound referral system for victims. By the end of the workshop, participants were able to draw upon the newly acquired techniques and knowledge and created an amended draft for a comprehensive National Protection and Prevention Plan for Violence against Women, in order to be included under the family and child protection Unit in Libya.

(Source: UNSMIL)

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