Animal Welfare Standards Criticised

The animal welfare group Compassion in World Farming has expressed concern about exports of live cattle from Ireland to Libya.

The organisation's campaign officer, Pru Elliott, told that animals sent to this part of the world often experience “brutal treatment” and “slow protracted deaths”.

Elliott said that although CWF has not been able to get investigators into Libya due to the obvious danger, once Irish farm animals board a ship, the treatment they receive is out of the hands of the Irish government.

CWF's Chief Policy Advisor, Peter Stevenson, said “Libya is a war zone.  What on earth is the EU doing sending live animals there?"

Already this year, more than 14,000 cattle have been sent to Libya.

Irish Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney has always maintained that his department enforces a strict system of transport rules.

(Sources: Compassion in World Farming, Independent)

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