UN Rights Chief Condemns Attacks In Libya

The High Commissioner added that the authorities should also do everything in their power to ensure adequate protection of victims, witnesses and officials supporting the administration of justice, as efforts continue towards establishing a sustainable ceasefire and political dialogue.

High Commissioner Zeid warned the armed groups exercising effective control on the ground in Libya that their members and leadership are accountable under Libyan and international law for the abuses they are committing or failing to stop.

“Attacks against civilians are war crimes,” High Commissioner Zeid stressed, noting that the International Criminal Court continues to have jurisdiction over such crimes in Libya.

On 27 August, the Security Council adopted resolution 2174 on the situation in Libya, deciding that asset freeze and travel ban measures shall apply to listed individuals or entities that plan, commit, or direct acts that violate international human rights and humanitarian law, or that constitute human rights abuses.

(Source: UN)

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