EU says Spiralling Violence Threatens Regional Security

The EU has again condemned the increasing violence in Libya and is “strongly concerned by the threats it represents for regional security and for the European Union.”

EU Foreign Ministers meeting in an extraordinary session of the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels on 15 August said in their Conclusions: "The EU reiterates its condemnation of the increasing violence in Tripoli, Benghazi and elsewhere in the country and its devastating effect on the lives of the civilian population.”

Ministers called on all parties involved in the hostilities to immediately cease all violence and to end the suffering of the civilian population, notably by engaging in a peaceful dialogue.

“The EU encourages the elected House of Representatives to playing its rightful role in leading efforts aimed at creating the dynamics for an inclusive political settlement embracing all political actors. The EU encourages the members of the House of Representatives to carry out their tasks in a spirit of inclusiveness, moderation and in the interest of the country, and calls upon all parties to support it.”

The statement also commended the efforts of the UN Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Libya, Tarek Mitri and welcomed the nomination of the EU Special Envoy for Libya Bernardino León as his successor.

“The EU sees the appointment of Mr León as an acknowledgement of the EU's engagement and recalls, in this regard, its efforts for a successful Libyan transition including through different support programmes to the Libyan people for security, economic recovery, health and protection of vulnerable groups amongst others."

(Source: EU Neighbourhood Info)

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