Airforce Base may be used for Commercial Flights

Libya Herald reports that the southern town of Brak Ashatti [Brak al-Shati] has asked the government to agree to a plan to convert the local airforce base into a commercial airport for regular national and international flights.

Proponents of the scheme say that opening the air base for civilian flights would help to alleviate some of the strain felt by those who have to travel, especially for medical reasons, in light of the closures of the airports in Tripoli, Benghazi and Sebha.

Amer Dao, the director of the airport, said:

“Technical maintenance operations for all airport facilities have been completed, including the airstrip, refueling station, halls, communications, security inspections, surveillance, administrative offices and service bureaus.”

It is reported that the president of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has inspected the air base and submitted a report to the government stating that it is ready.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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