Fighting Continues in Benghazi Despite Eid

Libya Herald reported that fighting has continued in the Buatni and Leithi districts of Benghazi on Monday, the first day of Eid, and although it has been noticeably quieter than yesterday and the day before, bombs and explosions could still be heard across the city.

Electricity, internet and mobile phone services have largely been restored, but a number of local residents are taking advantage of the Eid holiday to go and stay with relatives in safer parts of the city or places further afield, such as Marj. Some are even reported to be heading to Egypt to wait out the fighting.

On Saturday, a number of mortar missiles, said to have been directed at the Tibesti Hotel, hit nearby Istiklal Street. It is believed that the hotel was targeted because the newly elected House of Representative is scheduled to convene there next Monday.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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