Zuwara Airport "Preparing to handle Int'l Flights"

Libya Herald reports that the airport at Zuwara [Zwara] is preparing to take domestic and international flights, while fighting between rival militias continues at Tripoli International Airport.

Airport manager Fathi Al-Hamasa has told the Libyan news agency LANA that the airport was technically able to take international flights, but that some equipment was in need of maintenance.

Approval would also be needed from the Ministry of Transport, and extra staff from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) would be needed to relocated there.

But the airport has a runway length of only 1,800 metres compared with Tripoli’s 3,600 metres, has limited apron capacity and parking space and no refuelling facilities. According to Libya Herald, European carriers would almost certainly not use it because of categorisation and insurance issues.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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