Liberals Defeat Islamists in Libyan Elections

Libya's High National Elections Commission (HNEC) has announced the final results of the parliamentary elections held on 25th June.

The results are for "individual candidates", with parties and lists were disallowed, and according to a report from AFP the future make-up of the 200-seat parliament will only be known after the formation of political blocs.

But liberal factions appear to be the big winners, unlike the former General National Congress (GNC) which was dominated by Islamists.

"According to my estimates, the Islamists have not won more than 30 seats," a Benghazi deputy, Younes Fannouch, told AFP.

There were 1,714 candidates in the running for 200 seats, 12 of which have not been attributed as the vote in certain polling stations was annulled due to suspected electoral fraud.

Only 42 percent of 1.5 million registered voters turned out, with several MPs elected with less than 1,000 votes.

Members of the newly-elected parliament plan to meet in Benghazi as early as Thursday for a consultative meeting, pulled forward from 3rd August, according to Libya Herald.

The official inaugural session, which is supposed to include a handover ceremony from the General National Congress, could possibly also be brought forward.

(Sources: AFP, Xinhua, Libya Herald)

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