New Address System Planned for Libya

In Libya it’s hard to imagine that fast food is delivered to your door step, a taxi call services to be picked up from your home, door to door package deliveries, or a doctor visit to your home.

Door-to-door and onsite services are lacking in Libya, mainly due to Libya not having a fully functional address system.

A new website aims to tackle this by developing an address system for Libya online ( We believe the answer to better services is directly linked to easily finding a service provider and for the service provider to find your location easily.

Innwan (meaning address in Arabic) has developed a platform to allow any individual or business to generate a unique number to represent their physical address location. When a user tells someone else their innwan number, that person who was told can carry out a search and pull up the property address location on a map. Clicking the direction button will provide the directions from the user carrying out the search to the location of address.

The website was launched on April 2014 and has already generated over 5000 addresses across Libya. Innwan is quickly developing a large data base of local businesses and services. Home addresses will always remain private.

No one can find the address of an individual by simply doing a name search, and the name of the resident is never displayed when someone carries out a search using a home address number.

The founders of innwan don’t want to stop at creating an address system.

The bigger goals of innwan is gathering people from the same neighborhood and provide them with a platform of communication to discuss neighborhood related subjects, help each other with recommendations, put for sale their used items locally and lend things to each other.

Innwan say that residents of the same neighborhood share things in common, they want to live in a safe neighborhood, want to have access to good services in the area, want their kids to attend good local schools, and have access to well-maintained local recreational areas. If we help residents of the same neighborhood to discuss and share information easily, they can help to better their lives, and develop a close-knit and more organized neighborhood.

Public offices can join in to, local municipalities will be able to interact and keep the residents informed on subjects such as local road maintenance, and help get the residents engaged and possibly even assist with tasks.

(Source: Innwan)


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  1. Emad 25th October 2014 at 1:01 am #

    is the innwan inc profit or non profit

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