Libya's New Education Management System

The development of a functional EMIS is a primary step for educational planning, though it is late, nevertheless, it came at the right time and in conjunction with several projects in the education sector” said Dr. Abdullatif Latif, Director of the Information and Documentation Department at the Ministry of Education.

He added that these efforts also contribute to building the capacity of the Centre for Information and Documentation Personnel.

Progress in implementation has led to the completion of the situational analysis of the present organizational and technical capacity in the MoE and was followed by finalizing a 3-5 year EMIS development plan and implementation of phase one of the EMIS roadmap “Base EMIS Development”. Phase one of the EMIS roadmap “Base EMIS Development” included capacity-building component for the Center of Information and Documentation staff on reviewing the census forms/questionnaires and discussing data collection related issues prior to piloting of data collection in 10 educational institutions. The piloting aimed to test the census forms before converging them electronically.

The comprehensive system for improved education administration and planning is expected to be fully established and functional, by information (indicators and data) that accurately describes the Libyan education system at the national, sub-national and school level, by end of September 2014.

(Source: UNSMIL)

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