SNE Weekly Security Summary 24 June 2014

Tripoli:  Tripoli remains relatively calm. However, due to ongoing disputes between various political factions, which are backed by armed militias, intermittent clashes remain a notable feature of Tripoli’s landscape.

17/06/2014 Unknown gunmen open fire on bus near Gharyan en route to Tripoli last Tuesday night; 1 killed, 1 (a pregnant woman) injured critically. The civilian bus was reportedly carrying 50 passengers at the time of the attack. A suspect in the shooting was arrested on Saturday, and there is an ongoing search for other suspects.

The reason behind the incident remains unclear; however there have been recent tensions in the area between residents of Mizdah to the south and Mesheshiya tribesmen in the Gharyan area who they accuse of conducting kidnappings of locals. On 15 June, Angry Mizdah locals erected sand barriers outside Mizdah blocking the road to Gharyan.

23/06/2014 Tripoli police say at least 7 carjacking’s happen daily in Tripoli. Full report can be found here:

SNE is currently welcoming low levels of our international clients returning to Tripoli, both business essential amongst others.  We are also receiving regular information that some of the well-known Hotels which are primarily used by the international ex-pat business community, are beginning to return back to almost full capacity.

Benghazi Airport: Remains closed.

Tripoli Airport, the airport remains open and is steadily receiving international traffic.  If any specific details are required on certain airlines please contact the SNE Country Manager.

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