SNE Weekly Security Summary 24 June 2014

21/06/2014  A truck packed with artillery shells was caught at Qaminis checkpoint on Saturday 21 June. The truck had reportedly been sent from Misrata to Islamist fighters based in Benghazi, according to an Operation Dignity spokesman.

22/06/2014 Administrative office at University of Benghazi hit by a grad rocket on Sunday; no casualties reported. While who was responsible and the reason by the attack remains unclear, it may be a part of a wider effort by Operation Dignity forces to target weapons and ammunition depots used by Islamist militants in the city.

On Sunday, air force commander Saqr Adam Geroushi stated that a series of recent assaults by Dignity forces on weapons and ammunition depots held by Ansar Al-Sharia and the Libya Shield had depleted their stockpiles.

In addition, it was reported on Sunday that in addition to targeting these sites with air strikes, Operation Dignity forces are now using Grad rockets as well. In late May, Gen. Haftar warned students at the University of Benghazi that the location was being used for weapons storage by Islamist militants.

22/06/2014 Militants loyal to Ansar al-Sharia take control of Galaa Hospital in Benghazi on Sunday night to supposedly provide protection to the facility

23/06/2014 6kg TNT IED dismantled by explosives experts in the Sidi Hussein area of Benghazi on Monday. Police from the Ras Obeida police station successfully dismantled the device, which was rigged to a mobile phone, before it could explode.

A curfew for vehicles travelling in Benghazi remains in place between 0000hrs and 0600hrs. However, while the Joint Security Room (JSR) has deployed troops to enforce the curfew, local sources have reported that vehicles have ignored the curfew.

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