Libya's First Female CSIs Train in UK

On Monday, the UK welcomed the first women in Libya to become crime scene investigators (CSI).

The 11 CSIs and a senior Libyan police officer visited Southampton Central Police Station to learn more about working in the role.

Libyan police have recruited their first female CSIs in a bid to encourage more women to report crimes against them and give victims the support that they need.

Carolyn Lovell, operation manager for scenes of crime for the force, told the Daily Echo:

This visit will showcase Hampshire Scientific Services and the wider force’s capabilities in delivering an excellent service to the victims of such crimes.

“It will also demonstrate how women are fully represented in this force at all levels, which we hope is something that will be adopted in the Libyan police service.

“We hope by showing the new female CSIs our workplace it will help change working practices in their own country and also encourage women in Libya to report crime.

(Source: Daily Echo)

(Crime image via Shutterstock)

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