New EU Media Programme Launched

A new EU-funded programme to help the Libyan media strengthen their management capacity and improve their output was launched on 11 June in Tripoli.

The Libyan Content Development Fund (LCDF) is run by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) as part of a partnership with the German media development organisation Deutsche Welle Akademie.

The programme focuses on the development of media in Libya in terms of improving the quality of media content and providing training for media professionals, in addition to supporting the administrative and financial structuring of media organisations to make them viable.

"We believe that a responsible media providing accurate information and facts will prevent misinformation agendas from achieving its goals of spoiling dialogue efforts on the future of Libya," said IWPR Libya Country Director Seth Meixner at the opening of the event, attended by over fifty representatives of the Libyan media and civil society.

Twenty-nine grants will be provided over two years under the Libyan Content Development Fund (LCDF) with the aim of building the capacity of media in Libya at the level of individuals, institutions and the quality of content, especially regarding the phase of political transition, democracy and governance, human rights, the role of women in society, the constitutional process and the rights of minorities.

During the launch event, programme manager Nabil Khoury gave a detailed presentation on the project, its objectives, the types of grants and beneficiaries and the quality of programmes that can be implemented. He also explained the application procedures and eligibility criteria.

"The grants are dedicated exclusively to media organisations and individuals working within those institutions," said Khoury underlining that under this programme, media will not only be seeking and receiving support but they will be involved in the planning and implementation of the support it requires as well as in the monitoring of the outcomes.

(Source: EU Neighbourhood Info)

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