Tarek Mitri Briefs Security Council

11. In joint partnership with a range of women’s organisations, UNMSIL has launched the “Women’s Dialogue Initiative” to engage with the media, religious, political and societal actors in a public debate on constitutional issues of particular significance to women.

Mr. President,

12.  “The High National Elections Commission of Libya is now preparing, with UN support, the election of the 200-member Council of Representatives that will succeed the General National Congress. The total number of registered voters reached 1.5 million. A total of 1,714 candidates have registered, including 152 women contesting 32 reserved seats. Polling is expected on June 25. We have called on all parties to ensure that elections are held in a peaceful atmosphere and not delayed. It is hoped that these elections will augur with confidence and popular interest a third phase of transition process, before a new constitution is approved.

Mr. President,

13.  The security situation continues to impede the proper functioning of the justice system. Courts have stopped working for prolonged periods in Derna, Benghazi and Sirt in protest at the continuing attacks on prosecutors and judges, among other state officials.

14.  Although the General National Congress extended to 2 April the deadline for completing the judicial screening of detainees in compliance with the Law on Transitional Justice, this task remains outstanding. Figures collected by the Ministry of Justice with UNSMIL’s assistance indicate that in early March around 6,200 inmates remained held in facilities under the authority of the Judicial Police, of whom only about 10 percent had been tried.

15.  The trial of 37 former regime officials, including Saif al-Islam Qadhafi and Abdullah al-Senussi, began at the Appellate Court of Tripoli. This trial is a crucial test for Libya’s willingness and ability to conduct fair trials. UNSMIL has voiced concerns about difficulties in ensuring full legal representation for all defendants and proper access by lawyers to the case files and to their clients. Recently, the court appears to be in the process of addressing such matters.

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