AGOCO Tender for Work at Beda

3- Bid to be submitted in three (3) separate, red Wax sealed, envelopes stamped from bidder, indicating project name, and participating bidder name to be indicated on each envelope. One envelope is commercial Composed of one original + three (3) copies. Second envelope is for technical (one original + three (3) Copies). Validity should be, at least, three (3) months From the Closing date. Third envelope is un-priced commercial offer( does not contain price otherwise, it will be rejected ) has to contain the required payment conditions with the necessity to agree on all AGOCO general terms and conditions to participate in the tender, composed of one original + three (3) Copies and attached with it is a Bid bond in split envelope.

4- Bid bond value is 0.5% from bid total price and must be submitted as a certified cheque issued from a local Libyan bank to AGOCO, valid for six (6) months from bid submission date and contained in red wax sealed separate envelope. Bid bond cheques will be returned later for non accepted bidders.

5- All companies which desire to participate in the tender must submit its offer within a period not exceeding Monday 25/6/2014 at 12:00 Pm.

6- The sub tender committee reserves the right to exclude any of the companies which don’t follow the above instruction

7- Your quotation shall state clearly the execution time, commencement date and the payment terms of this project.

8- For any inquiries, please contact Sub-Tender Committee on the following address:

Arabian Gulf Oil Company


Third floor –office No. 359

Tel: +218 61 2228931 - 40, Ext: 3495


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