AGOCO Tender for Work at Beda

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has announced a tender for the construction of control rooms & instrumentation.

Brief Project Description: Engineering study for construction of control rooms & instrumentation rehabilitation at Beda oil field

Scope of work:

Engineering consultancy servicesImage for design,the control rooms & rehabilitation of instruments and control systems at Beda oil field (CPS ,GS's-1 ,2 & 3 , Dor and Kotla station) owned by AGOCO –Libya Based on review and adopt results from generated drawings and documents previously.

booklets are to be obtained from office No. 359, 3thd Floor, Company Main Building – Elkish, Benghazi, Booklets handing will be during the period from Sunday 25 \5\2014 to Thursday 29\5\2014 against payment of 500 LD which paid through non refundable certified cheque (From a Libyan bank) Credited to Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO).

Condition and Participation Requirements:-

1- Representatives have to be authorized through official letters from their Companies accompanied by a stamp of the company.

2- All specialized companies which desire to participate in this tender and have the ability, past experience and qualification in the mentioned field, must submit all the supporting documents which must include, not limited to, the following:

a. Company profile, including name of the company, address, fax number, telephone number, website address, nationality and the decree of establishment according to establishing country laws.

b. Decree of formation.

c. Valid Commercial registration.

d. Valid registration Certificate from Chamber of Commerce.

e. Valid working permission.

f. Valid proof of tax payment.

g. Details of participation in similar project and references.

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