Weekly Security Report by SNE 27 May 2014

The   news this last week in Libya has been completely dominated by the ongoing   situation and stand-off between the government led by Prime   Minister Ahmed Maiteeg, the GNC and the self-declared leader of the New   National Army retired General Khalifa Hiftar and his ‘Operation Dignity’ with   its stated aim to rid Libya of all the Islamist terrorist groups.

On the 25 May The GNC pushed   through a last minute vote to approve a cabinet led by Prime Minister Ahmed Maiteeg`s government which will undoubtably antagonise General Hiftar and his   forces and goes directly against what the General stated he required to happened   which was for the GNC to stand down and a date for new elections to be   confirmed.

Tripoli remains on a high   state of readiness with the Misrata Militia now within the city limits at the   GNC`s request with a role to protect government buildings and everyone is   awaiting General Hiftar`s next move. There have been several minor incidents   within Tripoli over the past week with sporadic fighting between the various   militia groups, however in general life has carried on as normal.

In the east of the country   General Hifter’s Airforce planes have reportedly continued bombing runs over   Sidi Faraj destroying yet more weapon stockpiles held by Islamist groups. He   said however there was no doubt that extremists were still present in the   area, although in fewer numbers. There   spokesman said that Operation Dignity was monitoring the Islamic groups in Benghazi   saying “We even know their shoe sizes” and also said his forces had a number   of ongoing operations and plans but that these could not be divulged to the   media.

Benghazi (Benina) International Airport which serves the eastern   province has been closed since 16 May due to security concerns and is now   expected to remain closed until at least 1 June. Turkish Airways have   diverted some of their flights to Labraq Airport which serves the al-Bayda   Jabal al Akhdar district around 170km north-east of Benghazi.

SNE assesses that travel   to Libya should be put on hold at present unless for business essential   reasons only and advises that stringent security and travel management plans   are in place. An itinerary specific pre-travel risk assessment including   mitigation measures are recommended. In-country personnel should be confident   in their evacuation procedures and crisis management plans and in light of   the current situation these should be checked and updated where necessary.

Crime remains one of the   biggest risks to foreign personnel operating on the ground and the risk is   assessed to be at its highest in outlying areas of the cities, particularly   after last light when travel is not recommended. Car Jacking’s are on the   rise and we advise clients to look closely at their method of travel within   Tripoli using alternative routes, timings and vehicle’s where possible.

SNE can assist clients   with pre entry risk assessments, on the ground physical support, safe   discreet transportation, accommodation/business centre and risk management   services throughout the region with villas and offices in both Tripoli &   Benghazi.

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