Grand Mufti Urges Ban on Lingerie Imports

Grand Mufti Sadek al-Ghariani, who is considered to be Libya’s top religious authority, has said that the importation of "overly racy lingerie and undergarments" should be banned.

In a letter sent to the office of the prime minister, who presumably has more pressing matters on his mind at the moment, he said these undergarments "contradict the virtue of Islamic modesty".

According to Egypt’s al-Wafd newspaper, women’s underwear items in Libya are usually imported.

(Source: Al Arabiya)

One Response to Grand Mufti Urges Ban on Lingerie Imports

  1. Zara 6th May 2014 at 2:35 pm #

    1. You have many expats in Libya that need not be deprived of buying their choice. It is a good economic market for an entrepreneur!!
    2. Woman do not wear their lingerie over their clothes. Who sees it?
    3. For married woman it is preserved for their husbands only. Why should they be deprived of feeling feminine for themselves and their husbands.
    4. Is Lace or silk ( type of material) forbidden in the Islamic law?
    5. If not, why should it be forbidden on underwear?
    6. Should women rather wear uncomfortable underwear to satisfy men that don't wear it?
    7. Does women tell men to wear certain material or style underwear as it is disgusting to them?
    8. Underwear does not dictate a woman's modesty. She need good supportive underwear that is still feminine. She is made a Woman. The difference between men and women....feminity vs masculine
    9. A man will never wear woman underwear (well I hope not and those that does, is the minority)so is a woman not to wear men like underwear.

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