US Deputy Sec of State Addresses Libya

DEPUTY SECRETARY BURNS: I can only address what the Libyan government has asked, and that is for the U.S. and other international partners to provide assistance and training for Libya’s General Purpose Force and for other parts of the military and security services. We recognize the importance of that task, because it is impossible to foresee a successful political transition or successful economic revival without a greater sense of security. But we have no plans beyond that.

QUESTION: How concerned are you about the growing presence of extremist radical groups in Libya especially as the government seems to be incapable or unwilling to deal with this problem. What is the U.S. doing about this? There have been many claims about ongoing drone strikes. Is the U.S. doing anything about this threat?

DEPUTY SECRETARY BURNS: The rising threat of violent extremism, whether it is people using violence for political purposes or the role of terrorist groups, is an enormous challenge first and foremost to the people of Libya, but also to Libya’s international partners as well. We recognize the severity of that threat. We have all suffered from it, whether it is Americans or Libyans or others around the world, and that is why we have such a sense of urgency, and such a sense of determination, to help Libyans build their own security capacity, to deepen counter terrorism cooperation, and also to promote the kind of healthy political process and economic process that increases the chances for greater security over the long term. Thank you all very much.

(Source: US State Department)

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  1. Philip Hodkinson 29th April 2014 at 12:56 pm #

    Well...err... yes. This is politician speak for what most of us who have visited recently, have been saying for some time
    All these aspirations and promises of support are great.
    It is concrete actions that are required now. The constitution drafting assembly has many members, this must not become a recipe for endless delays. A draft must be agreed quickly,there are many templates available.Changes and amendments can be done at leisure.

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