US Deputy Sec of State Addresses Libya

We discussed ongoing international support for Libya’s efforts to reform the security sector, improve border security, control the proliferation of conventional weapons, and enhance the rule of law. And we talked at length about the hugely important task of training Libya’s General Purpose Force and the steps that need to be taken to accelerate progress.

We also had the opportunity to review steps we can take to support Libya’s political transition and Libyan efforts to navigate past their ideological, regional, and tribal differences. And we discussed how to advance Libya’s economic revival and deepen the ties of friendship between Libyans and Americans after many years of mutual isolation.

None of this will be easy. Much uncertainty remains. No one can make Libyans’ choices for them. But the courage and determination that defeated a dictator can defeat the odds against a successful transition too, and it is very much in the interests of the United States and all Libya’s international partners to help make that a reality.

Thank you.

QUESTION: Recently there are rumors in the media about possible international community or U.S. military intervention in Libya or in some parts in Libya. What are your perspectives/thoughts if the Libyan government asked you to intervene against targets in Libya?

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  1. Philip Hodkinson 29th April 2014 at 12:56 pm #

    Well...err... yes. This is politician speak for what most of us who have visited recently, have been saying for some time
    All these aspirations and promises of support are great.
    It is concrete actions that are required now. The constitution drafting assembly has many members, this must not become a recipe for endless delays. A draft must be agreed quickly,there are many templates available.Changes and amendments can be done at leisure.

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