Libya Higher Education Forum in London

The Libya Higher Education and Development Forum 2014 is scheduled to take place in London on 5th and 6th June.

In its first year, this innovative two-day forum and exhibition is dedicated to the development of education and the facilitation of collaboration and partnership between Libya and the United Kingdom.

Given the outstanding record and reputation of the UK education sector and providers facilities and services within the UK, policymakers from Libya are meeting with key members of the UK academic community with a view to raising the level of education offered in Libya, assisting them to plan, create and implement an enhanced and superior education infrastructure.

With solid resources and a drive to create a superior infrastructure of education provision and workforce development, the Libyan education sector is seeking to invest in a variety of specialities with a specific focus on languages, medicine, scientific research, social science, engineering, oil & gas, transportation, and technical training.

This event is also believed to assist the Libyan Ministry of Education to form strong partnerships with UK universities and vocational training centres, assisting them to implement the 16,000 student placements for Libyan students who have been awarded Libyan Government sponsorships to pursue their studies across different disciplines.

This 'first time ever' event will be attended by a number of the most senior figures within Libya including Government Ministers and Deputy Ministers, academic Chancellors and Deans, and leading scholars.

There will be also speeches from Libyan scholars within UK universities who have been the recipients of HM The Queen's awards. From engaging keynote speakers from both sides (Libya and UK), panel discussions to interactive workshops where we will also hear first-hand accounts from Libyan professors and students who are currently working and studying in the UK, the Forum provides a dynamic hub for UK education professionals to meet, discuss, inspire and forge partnerships with key leaders in Libyan education and decision makers.

(Source: LHEF)

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