EU-supported Libyablog Nominated for Award

Libyablog, an EU-funded blogging initiative, has been nominated for the Deutsche Welle’s Bobs awards in the people’s choice Arabic category.

Libyablog is a Libyan bloggers community. It is coordinated by The France24 Observers and RFI Media Workshop, with the support of the European Union. During the first phase, which lasted eighteen months (July 2012- December 2013), several training sessions on the tools of journalism and blogging were given, to the benefit of the participating bloggers.

In the second phase, the platform will be achieving full autonomy, being both produced and edited by the bloggers.

The Bobs awards honor websites and projects that champion the open exchange of ideas and freedom of expression. When the annual awards launched in 2004, blogs were just beginning to establish themselves as a new type of media and The Bobs aimed to show that this new form of communication was worthy of being taken seriously and to point to the excellent example of work being done online to foster dialogue across language barriers.

Awards in the People’s Choice categories are decided by audience online voting.

(Source: EU Neighbourhood Info)

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