Media in Libya – Stability through Structure

By invitation of the European Union Delegation to Libya and support of the Libyan Ministry of Information, DW Akademie held a ceremony Sat, 29 Mar, at Waddan Hotel in Tripoli, to officially present "Media in Libya- Stability through Structure", a joint project by EU Delegation to Libya, DW Akademie and IWPR.

The event, attended by Deputy Chairman of General National Congress Saleh Makhzoum, Deputy Minister of Information Lamia Abousedra, Head of EU Delegation to Libya Nataliya Apostolova and several GNC members, was aired live on several Libyan TVs.

The events also attracted a large presence by Libyan and international media outlets and journalists

The project, amounting to over 3 mln Euros, aims at consolidation of the state of democratic reform and institution building in Libya by supporting the emergence of a free, high-quality, press and media, thereby enhancing the context for political development, in particular through the constitutional process.

The Project is composed of four clusters; namely: media governance and regulatory framework, public media transition scheme, journalism independence initiative and Libyan content development fund.

The ceremony also included the launching of the "Libyan content development fund", which is a two year grant projects by the European Union Delegation to Libya, implemented by IWPR in partnership with DW Akademie.

The Fund will award 29 grants to Libyan outlets, that are aimed at building capacities to produce high-quality media content relevant to the political transition, democracy, good governance, human rights, the role of women in society, constitutional process and minorities rights.

Ambassador Apostolova's remarks stressed the fact that After 42 years of propaganda-style media, there are many challenges facing the development of modern media and strong demands for professionals to develop a modern media sector.

(Source: European Union)

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