Weekly Security Report by SNE, 18th March 2014

North   Western Libya: Another   busy week in and around Tripoli with the news being dominated by Congress who   passed a vote of No Confidence against Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, voting at   the same time in favour of the February Committee’s roadmap to hold elections   of a new parliament in July. In the meantime Defence Minister Abdullah   Al-Thinni has been appointed as caretaker Prime Minister for a period of two   weeks while a replacement is found. However, questions have been raised by   Congress members and elsewhere over the legality of the vote. Independent   Benghazi Congressman Alaeddin Al-Mgariaf stated that Congress had passed the   motion removing Zeidan with a margin of just fourteen. It is said to be a   vote purely against Zeidan as prime minister, not against the rest of the   government. With Zeidan (Liberalist) gone several of his colleagues have   allegedly resigned, alongside NFA members who oppose the removal of Zeidan   and the failings of the GNC. These positions have been filled largely by the   Muslim reconstruction party, which has shifted the power within the GNC even   more towards Islamist groups, and strengthened their position. It awaits to   be seen if they will produce a successful candidate in the next elections for   a new Prime Minister. Even Zeidan himself, now in self-imposed ‘exile’ has   taken a strong stance against the GNC and has stated that the role of the   Islamists in and outside the group have been hindering his every move to   rebuild the nation. This clearly shows the fractured state that Libya has   become, and how the majority of the people’s representatives are insular to   their own group, instead of re-building for the National interests.

Eastern   Libya (Benghazi): Assassinations   and attempted killings in Benghazi are continuing with security forces being   targeted. Two men, one from the Army the other from the Criminal   Investigation Department were shot and killed in separate incidents this week.   In another attack a Saiqa member was seriously injured when unknown gunmen   fired at him, and an Air Force pilot was placed in critical condition when an   explosive device was detonated under his vehicle at the Benghazi medical   centre. Most recently on the 17th March a large explosion, was   reported by SNE team on the ground in Benghazi, at a military graduation camp   which has reportedly killed ten people and injured numerous others. The bomb   was placed at the Barracks car park, which is situated on Venezia Street not   far from the former US compound. There have also been reports from Tobruk   that a nearby tanker is moored with the intention to try and load (illegally)   oil from the country’s eastern oil ports. The Morning Glory last week   successfully loaded an illegal shipment of oil and escaped a Navy blockade to   sail into international waters. However the vessel has since been recovered   with the use of U.S. Special Forces of the coast of Cyprus, sanctioned by the   Libyan government.

Southern   Libya: The Amazigh and Tuareg communities have reacted   with scorn to Congress decision last Tuesday to accept the Consensus   Principle which they insist, has to be the basis for drawing up the   constitution. Congress members have been called, “absurdly manipulative” and   the minority groups are feeling increasingly marginalised by the GNC. This   will further impact the security for the area and impede oil production.   Sharara oil field has again been struck by further strikes, this time by   Petroleum Facilities’ Guards (PFG) loyal to Obari’s Supreme Council of   Revolutionaries. The previous embargo imposed by Tuareg demonstrators was due   to be suspended for two weeks, whilst authorities addressed their demands.   However, the oilfield was only open for four days, and following the   withdrawal of Tuareg protestors, the PFG forces, resumed the blockade over   unpaid salaries.

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