Sharara Oilfield Closed

Production at Sharara oilfield has reportedly been stopped again, this time according to Libya Herald by Petroleum Facilities’ Guards (PFG) loyal to Obari’s Supreme Council of Revolutionaries.

The oilfield was open for only four days following the withdrawal of Tuareg protestors from Sharara just over one week ago. The PFG forces, with indirect links to the protestors, resumed the blockade over unpaid salaries on Thursday.

The previous embargo imposed by Tuareg demonstrators was due to be suspended for two weeks as a show of good faith while authorities addressed their demands.

A leading member of the Sharara protestors, Mahmoud Al-Ansari, told the Libya Herald:

The number of protesters with differing demands is increasing on a daily basis and we are all yet to see results and an end to government negligence.

(Source: Libya Herald)

(Picture: Repsol workers at Sharara)

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  1. ali elgoul 19th March 2014 at 9:53 am #

    Please bear in mind that not only Tuareg protestors from Sharara closed the oilfield , even some of rebels from Alzintan are closing partially one of 30 inch export pipeline valves at Al reyayna city at ( big jebel) to Zawia Tank farm long time ago.

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