Tarek Mitri Statement on International Women’s Day

Message of the SRSG for Libya Mr. Tarek Mitri on International Women’s Day

Only three weeks ago, Libya marked the Third Anniversary of its revolution; a revolution that was possible because Libyan men and women struggled, and collaborated to win their freedom after decades of an oppressive regime.

Globally, the International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in revolutions, and continue to contribute in building their nations by making their voices heard.

We honor in this day, all Libyan women who participated in the revolution that made them stronger and more determined to lead Libya through a path of prosperity, security, and peace.

On 20 February, women and men came together as citizens of this country to elect candidates for the Constitution Drafting Assembly. That was a waited for historical day, in which engaged citizens have inspired positive change.

Women made 40.8 % of registered voters; and 65 women stood up as candidates, and held their campaigns with high level of confidence and faith. The success of these female candidates is not about winning, but it is about their courage to compete in the general seats of the CDA’s election with men.

Their acts demonstrated a message, that women are able to claim and practice their political rights. We would like to convey our compliments to all Libyan female candidates in the general seats as well as the reserved seats for women.

We have witnessed the determination of female candidates and voters. As one female voter we met with said “I came today to elect candidates for the Constitution Drafting Assembly, because the constitution will help us to shape our new Libya, and will bring us security and peace”.

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