Libyan Architects Sign New Agreement

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the two emergent organisations representing the architecture profession in Libya have signed Memoranda of Understanding.

At the annual International Conference at RIBA in London, supported by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), RIBA President Stephen Hodder signed Memoranda of Understanding with Ghaleb Gheblawi, Chairman of the Libyan Board of Architecture (LBA)* and Hakeem Bader, President of the Libyan Institute of Architects (LIA)**.

The agreements are aimed at supporting the development of the architecture profession in Libya for the benefit of their society.

RIBA President Stephen Hodder said:

I am delighted today to sign these Memoranda after over a year of detailed engagement work with our Libyan colleagues. Our aim is to support the new government to put in place the governance, processes and systems that are the necessary foundations for a sustainable and community-focused future for Libya’s built environment. The RIBA will work with the LBA and LIA to improve design and construction skills, education and standards in Libya.

*The Libyan Board of Architecture was formed in 2011 to support architects based in and around Tripoli.

**The Libyan Institute of Architects was formed in 2011 to support architects based in and around Benghazi.

(Source: RIBA)

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